Have you ever asked a 12 year old a question about anything? It generally goes a little something like this. 

“How was school today?”


“What did you do at recess?”


“Do you have homework?”


“Do you want anything specific for dinner?”


There are hundreds of other amazing one word conversations just like this one and they are all equally as exhilarating! Unfortunately, when Endy asked me to get thoughts on his first 100 days with his new Endy mattress, the conversation went exactly as expected. 

“I need to write about how you like your new mattress. How are you enjoying it so far?”


“Well, is it comfortable?


“Anything else in particular you want to add to that glowing review?”

“Can I go to the park with my friends???”

Right. Well, I could tell you that he is sleeping better and longer now than he ever has before. I could also tell you that when my wife goes in to say goodnight, she stays in there 10 times longer than she used to, but that doesn’t seem like enough to sway you. Ultimately, I decided to take one for the team, traded places with the boy and spent a couple nights in the bed myself. 

Now, I’d be lying if I said that this began completely as my idea as it may have come about after a particularly long night of social distancing outside in my neighbour’s backyard… That said, the 3 times I have slept on his Endy since then, I have had some of the best sleeps of my life. My favourite part is that it seems to form to the contour of your body without staying like that after you get up. Bonus: It’s Canadian-made and that’s always a win!

Endy Mattress

Furthermore, I may or may not have stolen one of his two Endy pillows and have been sleeping on a cloud ever since. Relax, no one sleeps on two pillows, so he’ll survive. In closing, according to my son, the Endy mattress being “good” and “comfortable” is quite literally the best review a company can ask for. The only regret I have now is getting the bed for him as opposed to keeping it for myself….

Want an Endy mattress of your own? Visit their website here and check out the amazing deals!

Disclosure: I received an Endy Mattress in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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