Can’t Find a Better Caaaaaaaarrrr!

Ford Escape

I know, I know, Eddie would freak out if he saw his lyrics being used in this manner. There is a point to it though, so I ask that you let me make it before getting upset. I recently had the opportunity to test drive the 2013 Ford Escape for a week to see what I thought of it.

My first impression was that I wasn’t sure about the colour that had been chosen for me. The baby blue seemed a little flashy and anyone who knows me, would know that I do not like to draw attention to myself… Honestly, Ford offers an amazing variety of colours for their vehicles and this one suited me just fine.

There was so much to love about this Escape that it was tough to give it back at the end of the week. My 4 year old son said it best when he proclaimed, “I don’t want to go in the black car anymore, I only want the blue one!” It has a beautiful design and the interior is spacious and extremely comfortable. One of my favourite features is the hands-free lift gate. Check out this video (not of me) to see what I’m talking about and you’ll get why it is so cool.

The other thing that impressed me was the fuel economy. With their new EcoBoost engines, you get up to 5 mpg better fuel economy than you used to. Speaking of fuel, my Escape had a feature on the dash that let you know how many more km’s you had left before you needed to fill up. Being a poker player, I obviously had to test out the accuracy of this feature! Unfortunately, I chickened out when it got down to 12km and filled up the tank. Next time!

48km to go and no gas station for at least 35km. Scary.

48km to go and no gas station for at least 35km. Scary.

In the end, as someone who hasn’t had a chance to get that new car smell in a while, the 2013 Ford Escape suited all the needs that I am looking for in a family vehicle and I was sad to have to let it go. As for Eddie Vedder, one of my favourite things about this vehicle was the MyFord Touch system, which featured a touch screen GPS and Sirius radio. I found the 24/7 Pearl Jam station the first day and never changed it again. Sorry Eddie, but I’m not that sorry.

24/7 Eddie Vedder = Music Heaven

24/7 Eddie Vedder = Music Heaven


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  1. Christine @MommyMatter
    Christine @MommyMatter says:

    Glad I’m not the only one to see how far I can push a car on KM’s. When I test drove a Malibu for 2 weeks, I was 1km away from out of gas. Got into the gas station parking lot and it went kaput! I got just over 900km’s on that tank and was fun to do!

    I’ve been looking at the Ford Escapes for a new vehicle for my parents. They definitely are cute! The gas mileage would be a blessing around here with our gas guzzling beasts we got.


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