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Dad Blogs Exposed! – How To Be A Dad

I’m not sure why it took me so long to get to this one, especially considering it was the first “Dad Blog” I ever read. This week on Dad Blogs Exposed, I bring you the funny and talented Charlie and Andy from the ever popular, How To Be A Dad.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, How To Be A Dad is a site that aims to bring you the lighter side of parenting, through hilarious videos, info-graphics and amazing photo shop work. Even though their About Us page states, “If you were looking for a website telling you how to be a dad… You didn’t find it, I feel like I have gained from being a regular reader of their site.

In fact, earlier this month, Charlie posted about his son’s 3rd birthday, and had a great idea to ask the readers to leave his son some advice/wisdom/funny stories, that he would turn into a journal to give him some day. It was one of those posts that I got jealous over not thinking of it first because I really liked the idea. Please note, I have a problem with my comments going into people’s spam folders, so if you read the comments on this post, you’ll notice my name pop up a couple times. I willingly accept all mocking and newbie jokes that come from this.

Although they haven’t done too many videos lately, I always enjoyed watching them. I know how much work putting together a video can be, but that doesn’t stop me from reminding them constantly, that some us really enjoyed them, haha. Here is one of my favourites:

I think my favourite thing about Charlie and Andy is that they are visible and personable. They skyrocketed to success very quickly and with 126,000 Twitter followers and counting, it would be easy to just sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s not the case with these guys; they are out there answering questions, making conversation and connecting with their community of followers. I have yet to come across another blogger who doesn’t have great things to say about the two of them, and that’s the highest form of compliment.

The guys have something exciting happening right now as they prepare to launch their very first book! You may have seen their Baby Sleep Positions diagram, if not, here it is:

This diagram has become a huge success, getting stolen and claimed all over the place, by some very big sites. The book, titled “The Guide To Baby Sleep Positions” features some of How To Be A Dad’s best posts and info-graphics and is available right now for Pre-Sale on Amazon and also at Random House.

Bottom line is, although I’ve never met Charlie & Andy, they have never been anything but kind to me; and as a newer Dad blogger (and a Canadian one), it’s nice to not feel like we are all competing against each other. Putting out a book is the top of the blogging Everest and I wish them all the best with it! There will definitely be a copy of it at my place; probably in the bathroom but there’s no insult intended, it’s just where I get my best reading done.

If you want to catch up with Charlie & Andy, you can visit their site, How To Be A Dad. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and pretty much every other social media platform there is. Seriously, these guys are everywhere and active on all of them!

Dad Blogs Exposed! – Luke, I Am Your Father

Dad Blogs Exposed is back this week with a blog that gets my nerdy side excited just by reading it’s name. James is the blogger behind Luke, I Am Your Father and I can’t help but do the Darth Vader voice every time I see it…which greatly confuses my family.

I’m going to stop explaining where I met the Dad Blogger’s each week and you should just start assuming that I met them on Twitter, which is true for 99% of them, including James.

James has been writing LIAYF since 2008, a fact which makes me incredibly sad that I didn’t find out about blogging until this year. You can tell he’s been at it for a while too because his writing style is one that draws you in and leaves you wanting to read more. Then again, he could be an English major and I’m just blowing smoke…Let’s just go with my reason, okay?

We actually have a few things in common too, which is always a draw. Our sons’ names are both named Luke, him Lukas, mine Lucas. He loves bacon. I love bacon. We are both die hard fans of a sports franchise that hasn’t been any kind of good for the past decade. Me with the Montreal Canadiens and James with the Seattle Mariners. Sorry James, the M’s are terrible but the first step to recovery is admitting it.

One of my favourite things about James, is that he understands the value in leaving comments on posts from other bloggers. It’s such an amazing feeling, as a blogger, to open your email and see the “Moderate Comment” message and it’s something I try to do a lot of.

James finds and creates stories out of life’s everyday moments and it’s fascinating to read his take. For an example of this, you need look no further than his post from just this past week, Yard of the Flies. It’s a mirror image of the street I live on but it’s told in a way that I would have never thought of.

In closing, James is a good guy and a great father, and I encourage you to check out his blog at “Luke, I am Your Father“. You can also connect with him on Twitter, my weapon of choice, @SeattleDad.

That’s it for another week of Dad Blogs Exposed! Have a nice day!


Dad Blogs Exposed! – Manhood V. Dadhood

Welcome to another edition of Dad Blogs Exposed! This week, I would like to introduce you to Joe from the blog Manhood V Dadhood.

As with most of my Dad blogger connections, I first ran into JB on Twitter, where he goes by the handle, @ManvDadhood. I knew we hit it off immediately due to our shared love of all things super hero.

It wasn’t until I saw his Justice League of Dad Bloggers post that I really understood how creative Joe was. I’ve been a follower since and have to say that his writing style is one that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more.

Joe started his own project called DADuary, which will run each January, and which he describes as “I want DADuary to be something that is open to dads, moms, and everyone else who wants to talk about their dads, or the dads they know.” I hadn’t started my blog yet so I didn’t get a chance to be a part of this year’s edition but you can’t bet I’ll be checking in for the 2013 DADuary!

If you’re looking for a Dad Blog that’s going to come at you from all emotional angles, Manhood V Dadhood is the one for you. JB writes from his soul but also gives you laughs and even a touch of geek. His Definitive Collection series is something that needs to be read. If this post hasn’t been enough to convince you to check out his site, maybe this tweet of his will put it over the top!

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about! You can visit Joe on his site Manhood V Dadhood, or check him out on Twitter @ManVDadhood and Facebook.


Please Help A Fellow Dad Blogger To #LiveFightWin

I’m doing a modified version of Dad Blogs Exposed this week because a fellow Dad blogger has received some bad news and I want to try to help any way I can. This week’s feature is about John Taylor, aka The Daddy Yo Dude.

John was recently diagnosed with cancer and will begin treatment this coming week. He is the dad of two amazing, wonderful, beautiful, but also independent, snarky, and opinionated children. They are aged 5 and 3. He is a stay-at-home-dad, part-time blogger, house cleaner, pull up changer, dinner maker, and craft fanatic. All of these things that will get harder as treatment goes on.

Anyone who has gone through any sort of battle with cancer, knows that the medical bills pile up quickly. That’s why today I am asking you all for your help. If you can visit John’s “Live. Fight. Win.” Page and donate anything you have to spare, I’m sure John and his young family would really appreciate it.

Even if all you can afford to do is spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to visit John on Twitter @TheDaddyYoDude or on his Tumblr Page. He’s a really nice guy and a great dad and I’m sure he’d appreciate the well wishes.

Thanks for your time and help! It’s times like these that I am greatful to be a part of such an amazing blogging community. Let’s show John what we can do when we band together to support and protect one of our own!


Dad Blogs Exposed! – Dadditudes





After a one week vacation, Dad Blogs Exposed is back and better than ever! This week I’ll be featuring a new site for Dad’s that’s taking Canada by Storm.

That site is called Dadditudes and it is the brainchild of Neil Hedley, who I was e-introduced to through a mutual friend. I couldn’t figure out how to accurately describe Neil’s profession, so I’ll copy and paste from his bio and you’ll see why…

“Along the way, Neil’s been an actor, singer, stand-up comic, author of a book that hit #1 in its category on Amazon, World Record holder, and in 2011, was one of the first five speakers announced at Canada’s first-ever 140 Conference.”

How do you narrow that down to one? Oh yeah, he also contributes weekly to Sympatico.ca and also does a weekly feature on CTV here in Canada. On top of all that, he’s actually a really nice guy, not like those other hot head World Record holders! How he had time to come up with Dadditudes is beyond me but it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite hangout spots on the net.

Fittingly enough, Dadditudes was launched on Fathers’ Day 2012 as a magazine, community and resource for men who have better things to think about than the latest raunchy photos of actresses on the beach.

That tag line caught my eye right away and after checking out the site for a couple months, I can say that they totally live up to their word. It’s your one stop shop for everything from movie and music reviews to fatherly issues. Throw in some sports, cars and television talk and they’ve got all the makings of a successful site for men.

With a full staff of 21 writers and counting, you’ll never be lacking for material with Dadditudes. The more I read it, the more it starts to feel like one of my favourite sites, the Yummy Mummy Club, but for men. Much like the YMC however, there is more than enough content for both sexes to enjoy.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes (or hours (or days)) to check out Dadditudes and everything it has to offer. Neil has created the beginning of something very cool here and it’s definitely worth your time! You can also follow them on their Facebook page or head on over and say Hi to both Dadditudes and Neil Hedley on Twitter.


Dad Blogs Exposed! – Blogger Father










Back for another week with another great Dad Blogger! Today I’d like to introduce you to Oren Miller, who is otherwise known as Blogger Father!

 Oren has been writing at Blogger Father since the birth of his child in 2007. While his blog started out as a vessel for him to feature other blogging Dads, it is now a place where he shares his sometimes controversial but always interesting thoughts on fatherhood.

In fact, his blog is the reason that I am doing these Dad Blogs Exposed features. That’s right folks, I stole his idea and am now using it as my own! If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with OrenMil@BloggerFather.com because it was his original idea and I can’t be blamed for stealing it!

Anyway, back to Oren. He is one of these guys that isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it when it comes to fatherhood issues and is someone I look up to in that regard. The other thing I like about him, is that he isn’t afraid to admit when he may have jumped the gun. You can see an example of that in his posts about the Amazon Moms Club and his subsequent retraction when he learned of the good deeds they were doing at Amazon. One of the best lessons my father taught me was humility and it’s something I live by.

 As I previously mentioned, one of Oren’s main focuses are his features of other blogging fathers and he’s done a lot of them! You can catch his up to date list of featured Dads, Right Here. With Dad Blogging becoming a little more mainstream, I agree with Oren that it’s important to focus on spreading the good word of fatherhood through the sharing of different works. I’ve learned a lot of being a father through these blogs and have had some great discussions through social media about what it means to be a Dad.

 You can also find Oren writing over at the fatherhood social media site, Life Of Dad. In fact, he has written one of the most popular posts in the site’s brief history, when he wrote about his adventures in turning his backyard from a jungle to a livable space… We’re still trying to figure out if the post got over 170 likes because people love lawn mowing or if it was due to this picture he posted, featuring Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. This is an ongoing investigation!









I encourage you now to go check out Oren’s site at Blogger Father. He is an excellent advocate for fatherhood and we’re lucky to have him in the blogging community! Alternatively, you can find him on Twitter @BloggerFather and also on his Facebook Page.

If you tell him I sent you, you’ll get 10% off your next purchase from the Fruit of the Month club! That’s actually not true, you’ll get nothing in return so please do not Google “Fruit of the Month Club” because I don’t even know if that’s a real thing. Just visit and say hi like you would anyone else and leave my name out of it so he doesn’t know I stole his bit.

That’s it for this week of Dad Blogs Exposed! For a complete list of all my featured Dads, you can click on this off coloured and possible underlined link right here!


Dad Blogs Exposed! – The Captain’s Log








Welcome back to another week of Dad Blogs Exposed! This week I’d like to introduce you to Creed Anthony from the blog The Captain’s Log…Tales From The Poop Deck.

I first met Creed shortly after I joined the crew of Dads over at The Life of Dad website. Simply known as The Captain, it took me about 3 months to realize that he had an actual name.

In that time, I had the opportunity to interact with him quite a bit and quickly became a fan of his work and more importantly, his attitude. Creed is one of these guys that can put a positive spin on anything, which is both rare and inspiring.

It’s evident from his posts both on Life of Dad and his own site, that he is a dedicated father who wants the best for his kids. Check out him and his daughter working out together and also his story about his son’s terrifying trip to the hospital and you’ll see what I mean.

The work he does with the Life of Dad website is incredible as well. When I agreed to run the Twitter account for them, I had no idea how much work it was going to turn out to be. I had trouble keeping up at times but it was watching Creed’s dedication to the site that got me back into a rhythm. I have to imagine that he has recruited more Dads for that site than any of the rest of us combined.

I can’t imagine how much money he would have if you got a commission for everyone you referred! Now that I mention it, I wonder if there is a commission for that?! If there is, someone’s (Ahem, Tommy Riles) got some explaining to do! Sorry about that, back to The Captain!

Bottom line is that Creed is a genuinely good dude (a theme with these posts) and he is worth checking out. His sense of humour shines through in his posts and he is always quick to thank you for stopping by. I encourage you all to pay him a visit, either on his own site The Captain’s Log, or his Life of Dad page!

You can also find him on his Facebook page and also on Twitter @acjlist. As with most of us bloggers, Twitter is usually the place to be if you want to find any of us and The Captain is no different.

Before I leave you, I have a couple more items. Creed taped an episode of the Life of Dad Show Podcast and you can check that out Right Here! Also, if you’re looking for some Captain dirt, Life of Dad has recently welcomed a 2nd Captain to the fold and the fireworks are just beginning! Is there room for two Captain’s on one ship?? Stay Tuned to find out!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Dad Blogs Exposed! Please feel free to leave The Captain some love in the comments section and we’ll see you next week!


Dad Blogs Exposed! – 8BitDad






Now for the triumphant return of Dad Blogs Exposed! I’ve been on vacation the pat couple weeks and was too lazy and relaxed to pre-schedule any posts. The backlash I received was overwhelming (zero messages) so I’m rushing to get thinkgs back to normal!

This week I am going to introduce you to two of my favourite online characters! They are characters in many senses of the word but I’ll try to explain all that in this expose.

8BitDad is co-operated by Zach Rosenberg and Bryan Ferguson and they bill their site as “The Modern Parent’s Source For Real Fatherly Opinions”. It took me awhile to really sit down and take a look at their site but once I stepped into their world, I was completely hooked.

They tackle subjects from Human Rights to Dad issues from across the globe and are strong advocates for parental equality in advertising and media. Just recently, in a post entitled “Bad Dadvertising: Oscar Mayer And McGarryBowen” they took on the folks at Oscar Mayer for their string of commercials in which they made Dad look like a complete buffoon.

Zach and Bryan are about as real as it gets in that they will share their opinion with anyone, at any time, on any subject. That’s not to say they are bullies or jerks, they just don’t hide behind the invisibility cloak that is the internets. Actually, they are very respectful when presenting a counter argument, unless you really piss them off, haha. If these guys don’t like what you’re putting out there, you can bet you’ll be tagged in the next episode of their video show.

Speaking of that show, it’s pretty awesome. There aren’t a lot of other Dad bloggers making videos so they’ve made a bit of a side niche out of creating them. They general recap the week’s posts from their own blog and discuss other issues going on in the Dad Blogging community, which is great to hear about. As mentioned, the other cool thing is that if they mention you, good or bad, they will tag you on Twitter to let you know. At least it gives you the chance to present a rebuttal if you don’t like what’s being said.

I’ve included a video of one of their latest episodes for you to peek at. It’s about 50 minutes long so I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing, plus I’m sure the 8BitDad guys would appreciate a visit to their site if you’re going to watch. Just a quick warning for my readers, that their videos do contain explicit lyrics and should not be watched in the presence of young children.

Also, don’t be frightened by the pink robe, a Dude’s gotta be comfortable, right??

On a personal level, I have been interacting with the 8BD’s more and more frequently and now feel like their Canadian Ambassador. Seriously though, I’ve had nothing but awesome talks with these guys and they are as addicted to Twitter as I am, which is always nice. Other than mocking me for the Country I live in (like they should talk, haha), they have been nothing but respectful to me and for a new guy, I really appreciate that.

In closing, if Dad Blogging had Power Rankings like sports, Zach and Bryan would be climbing the charts quickly while flipping us all a double Shaka Brah!

I hope you’ll check out their site, 8BitDad and also take some time to follow them on Twitter @8BitDads and on Facebook. They also have a Zazzle store with some cool stuff in it, you can check that out Right Here!

That’s all for today’s Dad Blogs Exposed! I hope you enjoyed the feature and I’ll see you next week!


Dad Blogs Exposed! – Honea Express

This week I’d like to introduce you to Whit Honea, who started his Dad blog, Honea Express, way back in 2005 before Dad blogging was cool.

One of the first things I read by Whit was his post entitled “When Stuffed Animals Die” and from that moment, I was hooked! Not surprisingly, that post also got him named as a BlogHer Voices of the Year winner.

The thing I like about Whit is that he isn’t afraid to show his emotions. In fact, he himself will admit that “Every time I speak about my kids on a conference panel I wind up crying in front of everyone”. It absolutely shows in his mesmerizing posts about his family.

His writing skills are beyond anything I could dream of achieving in my lifetime, which I why I like to read his stuff and take away as much as I can. After all, there’s a reason why he’s been published by the likes of Babble, AOL, BabyCenter, The Stir, MamaPop, The Disney Blog, CBS: Los Angeles, Man of the House, UpTake & Orbitz…..Yeah, that’s a lot of writing.

Another great thing about Whit is that you can tell he cares about the people that read and take the time to comment on his stuff. The way he responds to the comments on his site and his twitter feed (@WhitHonea) show how invested he is in his craft.

Just in case writing for his own blog and the others I mention wasn’t enough, you can also catch Whit writing over at DadCentric, co-owning a production company called Limey Yank Productions and oh yeah, working on a book! Here’s an excerpt from his blog.

Not too busy though, right? I can barely find the time to write 3 posts a week so reading all of these jobs is a little overwhelming to comprehend. The best thing is that his work clearly isn’t suffering from it.

Most recently, Whit was involved in The New Face Of Dad campaign from Philips Norelco. It’s a great campaign that showcases some great Dads and really captures the way most Dads feel about parenthood. Here’s the full New Face Of Dad video and you can check out Honea Express for Whit’s personal video.

I really hope you take a few minutes to check out Whit’s blog, Honea Express, I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can also find him on Twitter @WhitHonea and on his Facebook Page. He’s also got an upcoming project with Limey Yank Productions that will be going live soon.

You can also let him know you popped in by showing him some love in the comment section below.

That wraps up another edition of Dad Blogs Exposed! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Til next time!


Dad Blogs Exposed! – Beta Dad

Welcome back to Dad Bogs Exposed! Every week I will be introducing you to a new Dad blogger and today, I’m happy to introduce you to Andy Hinds, who runs the popular blog Beta Dad!

Andy was one of the first people to really make me feel like I was a part of the online Dad blog community. All he did was have a Twitter conversation with me but for most new bloggers, that’s all we really looking for. You spend a lot of time staring at your empty interactions page when you start up and it was cool of him to fill mine up a bit!

Andy is father to twin 3 year old girls, who go by the pseudonym’s of Butterbean and Cobra on the blog. At least I hope that’s their pseudonym’s….His writing has slowed down a bit since he’s rejoined the workforce but I’m guessing it’s tough to find a balance between it all, especially with twins.

You can add to that, the fact that he can also be found writing at the collaborative Dad blog DadCentric and also over at the popular blog, Aiming Low, and you can see where life would start to get a little busy.

Now, let’s get into the awesomeness that is Beta Dad! First things first, Check out this header from his website, which features his girls stomping through downtown Toyko. I knew from that moment that this was a site I was going to enjoy!

Andy is not your prototypical Dad blogger. On top of posting about his kids and family life in a sincere way, he is also not afraid to take on bigger topics, such as his thoughts on kids using the word Hate and his take on people (and brands) who think Parenting is a Job.

It’s refreshing to read someone who isn’t afraid to just tell it like it is, or at least how he sees it. I’ve dabbled in this format but I’m still trying to find my voice so I can respect how hard it is to put yourself out there like that. It’s not easy to take criticism for things you’ve written but Andy always answers the call when it happens.

Much like every other Dad blogger I talk to on the internet, I’ve never met Andy, but my interactions with him so far have been nothing but great. He seems like a nice guy and I’m happy to have stumbled upon his work. The one thing he’ll never be accused of is being a fake, that’s for sure.

He made a joke a while back that I was out to steal all the Dad bloggers jobs. Probably because Canada has a small Dad blog market, so I tend to get a lot of calls from the media. Funny how things work out that just over a month later I was trolling on Twitter and noticed his most recent work…This interview and post on HLN TV!!

Way to go Andy, you’re raising the bar for the rest of us and I, for one, accept your challenge! I look forward to fighting the good fight with you for more years to come!

If you guys are so inclined, I urge you to catch up with Andy on his home site Beta Dad. You can also find him on Twitter @BetaDad and also on Facebook.

As always, don’t forget to leave some love for our guest in the comments section. I can’t even guarantee that he’ll read this post but I’ll spam him until he does and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the kind words (or hate mail) 😀