I Want Mommy!!!

I work hard at trying to give my kids the same kind of upbringing that I had and that includes my being a very hands on type of father. So you can imagine my surprise recently, when both my children decided that they didn’t want daddy reading their bedtime stories anymore… “I Want Mommy!” they both cried, on consecutive nights.

Let me tell you something about the type of story teller they have for a father. I have worked countless hours practicing my Mater and Dr. Doofenshmirtz impressions, so that come game time, I am ready to go. I don’t just read Pinkalicious, I AM Pinkalicious. Don’t even get me started on how many times I have watched Tinkerbell’s, Pixie Hollow Games, in order to get all the character’s names and voices juuuuust right! And, do they not remember the tears from my dramatic reading of when Barbie became class president and then got a chance to meet the first woman president of the United States?!

Well, just when I thought things couldn’t get any lower for this loving father, my son had one more surprise for me. While the two children fought over who got to have their precious mommy for story time, my son got up and left the room. I assumed he had accepted defeat at the hands of his younger sister, until he returned a minute later with a shiny object in his hand and a proposal for his lil’ sis.

“If you let daddy read your story, I’ll give you this money from my piggy bank”, he bribed as he slyly flashed the shiny nickel before her eyes.

“I WANT DADDY TO READ MY STORY!!” she proclaimed wildly as she snatched up the coin that Canada will probably do away with next.

And there you have it, folks. The pleasure of my company reduced to the cost of a big foot gummy candy. On the bright side, I have a persuasive son, a daughter who wants to make the big bucks and a wife who happily sits upon her throne, for now! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check the couches for more nickels.

Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel DVD ~ Review

Just when I thought Phineas and Ferb couldn’t get any cooler, they go and team up with the Marvel super heroes and hit it out of the park! I have to admit that there has been more than one occasion where I catch myself watching Phineas and Ferb without any kids around and this DVD will be no exception to that rule. Plus, Super Heroes!

Here’s a quick synopsis of the film:

After Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s latest “-inator” scheme accidentally removes the powers of some very well-known Marvel Super Heroes (Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk), the heroes enter the world of Danville and team up with Phineas and Ferb to relocate their powers, defeat the Marvel Super Villains (Red Skull, MODOK, Whiplash and Venom) – who have also shown up to steal Doofenshmirtz’s power-draining technology – and save Danville from ultimate destruction!

Although I couldn’t get my kids to give an official statement on the DVD, other than that is was good, the glazed stares on two kids who can barely sit through dinner was a ringing endorsement for this one. Plus, any parent who is into super heroes will love it too! Besides, this is MY review, not theirs!

The Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel DVD is on store shelves now and also comes with an In-Packed Collectible Comic Book & exclusive Marvel poster (each DVD will be packaged at random with one of three distinct Marvel posters). I mean, come on, do you really need for me to tell you that this movie is awesome? It’s Phineans & Ferb & Perry & Doofenshmirtz & Super Heroes!!! Do the math and get the DVD!

Mission Marvel Poster 1

Phineas & Ferb: Animal Agents DVD Giveaway {Canada}

Perry Files

Hi. My name is Chris and I am addicted to Phineas & Ferb. There, I said it. Since the moment I got my first taste of this show I have been hooked. My house is littered with action figures, DVD’s, stuffed animal and even Phineas & Ferb cutlery. What can I say, I believe that this is the perfect animated show for children and adults alike.

My kids agree as well, having logged more hours on this show than any other. You know Disney is on to something when the kids select a DVD of Phineas & Ferb episodes instead of an actual movie on movie night. I was really excited to find out that Disney was releasing a new “Perry Files” DVD, not only because I love the show but also because Agent P and Dr. Doofenshmirtz have quickly become my favourites. Here is some info about the new DVD, which is available at your local retailer starting today, February 26th!

Phineas & Ferb: Animal Agents

How well do you really know your pet…or ANY animal? Behind a cute and/or cuddly exterior there may lurk a cunning crime-fighter with a brown fedora, a top-secret identity and a license to thrill! Meet the heroic Animal Agents of the O.W.C.A. (Organization Without A Cool Acronym).

Join Perry the Platypus – a.k.a. Agent P – and his fellow operatives as they team up to thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his dastardly “Inators.” Be they furry or feathered, scaly or slimy, these fearless agents roll over for nobody when it comes to crushing evil in the Tri-State Area and beyond. Fully loaded with over two hours of animal-themed adventures, including the exciting, two-part Phineas And Ferb cliffhanger “Where’s Perry?”, this fun-filled, action-packed laughfest will drive you wild!

DVD Giveaway!

I’m so happy to be able to provide a copy of this new “Perry Files” DVD to one of my readers. All you have to do to enter is Leave a Comment Below telling me who your favourite Phineas & Ferb character is. It’s as easy as that! This contest is open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) and closes at midnight on Thursday, March 7th. Good Luck!