I Want Mommy!!!

I work hard at trying to give my kids the same kind of upbringing that I had and that includes my being a very hands on type of father. So you can imagine my surprise recently, when both my children decided that they didn’t want daddy reading their bedtime stories anymore… “I Want Mommy!” they both cried, on consecutive nights.

Let me tell you something about the type of story teller they have for a father. I have worked countless hours practicing my Mater and Dr. Doofenshmirtz impressions, so that come game time, I am ready to go. I don’t just read Pinkalicious, I AM Pinkalicious. Don’t even get me started on how many times I have watched Tinkerbell’s, Pixie Hollow Games, in order to get all the character’s names and voices juuuuust right! And, do they not remember the tears from my dramatic reading of when Barbie became class president and then got a chance to meet the first woman president of the United States?!

Well, just when I thought things couldn’t get any lower for this loving father, my son had one more surprise for me. While the two children fought over who got to have their precious mommy for story time, my son got up and left the room. I assumed he had accepted defeat at the hands of his younger sister, until he returned a minute later with a shiny object in his hand and a proposal for his lil’ sis.

“If you let daddy read your story, I’ll give you this money from my piggy bank”, he bribed as he slyly flashed the shiny nickel before her eyes.

“I WANT DADDY TO READ MY STORY!!” she proclaimed wildly as she snatched up the coin that Canada will probably do away with next.

And there you have it, folks. The pleasure of my company reduced to the cost of a big foot gummy candy. On the bright side, I have a persuasive son, a daughter who wants to make the big bucks and a wife who happily sits upon her throne, for now! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check the couches for more nickels.

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  1. Christine
    Christine says:

    I apparently don’t read well enough and now WeeMan hosts reading time. Baby girl won’t let me read to her, just her big brother. Love that they do together, but I got veto’d out too soon!!!

  2. Shari G
    Shari G says:

    Yeah my boys put up with Daddy reading the stories but that is my job. My hubby is a hands on dad too, but if he gives them a drink they say thank you and make it seem like he is dad of the year. Me they yell and yell at until it’s done.

  3. Seth Macomber
    Seth Macomber says:

    OMG LOL!! Love it! I feel a little mixed emotion. A part of me is sad for you, but I think more of me is stoked at how cute your kids are lol

  4. JF
    JF says:

    In all seriousness, i admire your cool. My daughter says, “I want mommy”… It seems, all the time! I work hard at being a good, engaged, fun, affectionate dad. So it hurts like a splinter, any has brought me to tears. Any tips on coping with being ‘less than’?

    • Chris Read
      Chris Read says:

      Hey JF, kids like what kids like in the moment they are thinking about it. If you are the type of dad you describe, then your kids will remember that forever, even if they ask for mommy more than they do for you. The important thing is that you never feel ‘less than’ when it comes to your children. You are everything to them and even though it stings when it happens, you need to soldier on.

  5. Katia
    Katia says:

    You are funny! This? “I don’t just read Pinkalicious, I AM Pinkalicious” Hilarious! They go through stages and it sounds like you had a pretty fantastic run! I’ve been 4 Year Old’s favourite for a while, husband is 1 Year Old’s absolute favourite. I’ve often said 1 screams like a groupie when husband comes into the room. Occasionally 4 Year Old will want his story from his dad. On days like that being me feels lonely. 🙂 They’ll come around soon!

  6. Michelle @ MK2SAHM
    Michelle @ MK2SAHM says:

    Thats awesome.
    My kids always wanted Daddy to read to them. When I do, they get Daddy to re-read it after me! Part of me thinks they are just trying to prolong going to bed! But either way, its kinda sweet!

  7. AlwaysARedhead
    AlwaysARedhead says:

    I think your son may grow up to work somewhere in the Financial District, maybe stocks or bonds. I would watch him closely because he may make all those thousands of dollars you have spent on him and always hope to recoup when day.


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