To Wrap, or Not To Wrap: That Is The Question


I recently posted on my Facebook Page, asking advice about whether or not you wrap the presents from Santa Claus. I had never heard of not wrapping them but the thought of cutting 6-7 presents off the wrapping table was intriguing to me.

I think the most comments I have ever received on a Facebook post was around 16, so when this one hit 70, I knew that it was a topic that needed further exploration. From reading through the comments, I also realized that there were no official operating procedures when it comes to Santa’s gifts. I tried to reach Santa but was told that he was too busy to comment. Understandable at this time of year.

We have always wrapped the presents from Santa in a special wrapping paper and will most likely continue this tradition, but I really enjoyed reading through all the different opinions on the subject. I even liked the ones that criticized me for posting about how Santa Claus may not be really real because their kids might walk behind them and see their computer screen! I’m sure it was done in jest.

Here’s a quick “wrap-up” of some of the responses I received. Pun intended.

* No presents from Santa, only stockings.
* Wrapped, with Santa’s gifts having different paper.
* Presents from Santa not wrapped and bundled together in a specific spot.
* Big items unwrapped, all others wrapped.
* Santa’s elves are tired and lazy, so Mommy and Daddy wrap them.

Now it’s your turn! Does Santa wrap the presents he leaves for your kids, or are they left unwrapped for them to enjoy right away?


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  1. Insane Mamacita
    Insane Mamacita says:

    I grew up with Santa’s presents being unwrapped.

    But in our house the Santa gifts are wrapped as the husband grew up with this tradition.

  2. Darlene Demell
    Darlene Demell says:

    Hubby and I both grew up with our gifts wrapped and we continued on that tradition with our own kids. Now we have grandchildren and all of their gifts are wrapped from Santa as well. With different paper of course and a different signature.

  3. MultiTestingMom
    MultiTestingMom says:

    The kids leave huge cloth bags in front of the tree for Santa to fill.

    We give our kids stockings filled with both wrapped and unwrapped gifts on Christmas Eve.

    It’s quite the debate – my hubby and I had to come to a compromise 🙂

  4. Wendy [mapsgirl]
    Wendy [mapsgirl] says:

    Growing up, Santa’s gifts camp unwrapped and were in front of the fireplace under the stockings. In the stockings, all the gifts were wrapped in white tissue paper. All the rest of the presents from Mom and Dad were wrapped under the tree.

    Since Craig grew up with wrapped Santa presents, this is what we do:

    Stuff in stockings is wrapped in white tissue paper. Santa presents are in front of the fireplace wrapped in paper with Santa on them. Rest of the presents are wrapped in non-santa paper and are under the tree.

  5. Nolie
    Nolie says:

    Depends. Small wrappable gifts yes. Large no. Last year he got a train table. It was all set up in the basement with a note from Santa on the tree to check the basement for his gift. This year he is getting an addition to his wall track which will be wrapped.


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