How I Became Known as Prince Chris

It was this year’s Santa Claus Parade where it was made official. As the amazing staff from Official Princess Parties drew closer to us, my daughter lit up with the joy of a child whose magical belief of princesses always makes me think back to my youth. As they often do, the princesses spotted her, waved, called her name and made her feel like the most special child in the world.

Something different happened this time though.

One of the princesses, Ariel, if you’re keeping track, looked over and said “Hello, Prince Chris”, to which my friends immediately shot my a sideways glance. I’m not sure whether it was because of the fact that she knew my name or the fact that my wife had little to no reaction to the shout out, but I think I managed to explain it to them in a way that didn’t make me look creepy. I won’t go through that process with all of you, instead opting to link to a few times I’ve run in to the amazing princesses from this company, such as Here, Here and Here, plus countless others at smaller events.

Now that I have officially been dubbed, Prince Chris, I feel like I will fit in a lot better at this year’s Official Princess Parties “Royal Ball” on Feb 23rd. I’ve been spending the last few months practicing my royal dance moves and trying to eat properly so the food doesn’t end up on my shirt. It’s a work in progress… Aaaaanyway, I hope to see you at the Royal Ball on Feb 23rd, and don’t worry, it is not necessary to kiss my royal hand. It’s more of a mandatory thing.

Prince Chris, signing off.

Official Princess Royal Ball

Deeder Dodder Date: Princess Edition

Daddy Daughter Date

“Daddy, is tomorrow Deeder Dodder Day?” she asked.

“You bet, honey!” I answered.

“Yay!!!” she squealed excitedly.

If I could have frozen that moment forever, I would have. You see, “Deeder Dodder Day” is actually my 2 year old daughter’s way of saying “Daddy Daughter Date“, and to see how excited she was to be hanging out with me was enough to swell my heart with pride.

When I asked my daughter out on the date a few days before this exchange, I had just secured tickets to the Official Princess Parties “Royal Ball” and I knew she would love it. My only concern was whether she would say yes or not! Luckily for me, she said yes and I was able to keep the event a surprise until the big day came. I had been eyeing this event ever since our chance run in with an awesome Snow White earlier in the year. The fact that we had met Rapunzel and Minnie Mouse at later events were icing on the cake. Knowing that the proceeds were going to the Children’s Wish Foundation and that these particular characters were going to be there were just added bonuses.

Snow WhiteSnow White Belle






The magical day arrived and we were off to meet our favourite Disney characters. It’s hard to pinpoint my favourite part of the afternoon because there were so many. From seeing my daughter’s face light up as we were greeted in the parking lot by Mickey Mouse, to the moment the princesses were introduced, the entire event was amazing and well put together. They had a candy bar, nail painting and lots of interactive things for the little kids to do with the princesses (and two princes). Oh yeah, did I mention the chocolate fountain?? That one was for Daddy.

I loved watching the emotions that ran through my little girl’s brain that day. She was excited at times and shy at others. She participated in all the activities, even though she was the smallest one there by quite a bit. We danced, sang, ate candy and laughed the whole time. We had pure unfiltered fun and it was a perfect afternoon.

I want to say a great big Thank You to all the wonderful employees and characters at Official Princess Parties. You made a wonderful impression on my daughter and gave us a Deeder Dodder Date that we will remember forever.

PS – Funny story. While we were talking to Rapunzel, I brought up that my daughter had asked to have a princess birthday party. She had asked for a Rapunzel party at home but when Rapunzel herself asked, my daughter said she wanted an Ariel party…awkward. If Rapunzel is reading this, as soon as we got in the car, she again asked for a Rapunzel party. Followed by a Snow White Party. Followed by a Belle party…No hard feelings??