Let’s Have a Caption Contest!

Headless Female

Let’s have some fun this week! I took this picture of a headless women’s washroom sign and figured we could have some fun with a caption contest. I’ve even decided to chip in a prize for this one.

I’ll do a random drawing from all the entries and maybe create a meme out of the one that makes me laugh the hardest. I have decided to donate a $25 gift card to Chapters/Indigo as the prize. The only catch is that the card is only good in Canada. That doesn’t mean my American friends can’t play along though, so please feel free to comment with your best captions as well.

To enter, simply leave your caption in the comments below and I’ll draw the winner on Thursday morning. Good Luck and please don’t hold back on your captions!

Congrats to the winner, Michele!

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  1. Jeff Hay
    Jeff Hay says:

    Tried to find positive ones that paint women in a positive light but….

    “Nag free” place to think and save the world.

    “Keep the seat down if you choose – she can’t see you and can’t say shit!”

    “Flush or not Flush” – how will you ever remember to flush with out her?

    “Did you wash your hands?” — I can’t smell any soap…

    My other thoughts were of “head” but thankfully other people (mostly women) appear to have already gone there…

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