Sh*t My Kids Say #2 – Disney On Ice

Kids are funny people. They really have no concept of right or wrong, they don’t know not to call people fat or stupid and they have no idea how hilarious their imaginary stories are to adults.

That has led me to the decision to create a new section here at Canadian Dad called “Sh*t My Kids Say”. I know, I know, it’s a semi dirty word but this is my blog and I’ll swear if I want to, LOL.


We had a great time at Disney On Ice last night, other than the length of time it spanned. I mean seriously, 2 hours and a bit of dancing princesses? I’m as excited about Disney as anyone but after a while they all start to look the same.
On the drive home, we asked my son what he thought of the show.

D: “Hey buddy, what was your favorite part of the show?”

L: “Ummmm, the part where I got my toy”

D: “Really? The part before we even sat down at our seats, when we bought you the Incredibles figurines?”

L: “Yeah, I really, really love them”

D: “What about the show? Anything from the actual show that you liked?”

L: “Donald Duck”

D: “Donald Duck was in the 2 hour show for 3 minutes and said no words, that’s all you liked?”

L: “I liked….(clearly humouring me at this point) the claw”

D: “What claw???”

L: “The claw from Peter Pan”

D: “?????” “You mean Captain Hook?”

L: “No Daddy, the claw. And when the crocodile ate the guy”

D: :Well, I’m glad you liked it???”

L: “But I really, really love my Incredible guys”

D: “Excellent!”

The main thing I learned from this conversation is that my son could care less about what happened that night because he lost interest upon receiving his late Valentine’s Day gift of Incredibles figurines.
I know he had fun because I was watching him throughout the show, I think he just hasn’t figured out the “favorite part” thing yet. Maybe he just enjoyed it so much that everything was his favorite part? Either way, the toys ruled the day and I’m happy to report that as of 12 hours later, he still really, really loves them, haha.


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    RACHEL says:

    Your son sounds like a blast! I’m taking my girls to see Disny on Ice tonight, my 3 year old will likely think the acts got old long before my 7 year old…….I’m also taking my 12 month old. Yup! Im crazy! Actually, I had not planned to bring her along but my husband is stuck at work all night so what can you do? I hope she either loves it and eagerly watches or that she sleeps,lol.
    I wonder if those incredibles figurines will entertain a baby long enough?

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Thanks for reading! My son definitely has a mind of his own and that’s a great trait in my mind. As far as the 12 month old, I’d be interested to see how that goes, it was a loooong show!

      The Incredible figurines only helped for so long. My daughter got a Tinkerbell doll and that kept her happy for a good part of the show.

      Hope you had fun!!

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Thanks! He’s a funny guy, that’s for sure, LOL! A never. Ending well of funny comments, should keep me busy with my writing.

  2. ashley picco (mamawee)
    ashley picco (mamawee) says:

    That’s pretty funny. It’s hard for us to grasp what they are getting out of things like that – their take and ours are completely different!


    • Chris
      Chris says:

      LOL, my son literally doesn’t make a peep through any of these shows, he just sit there with the same stoic face. I just finished a write up of our time at Disney on Ice and put some pictures of his faces in it, not much changes;)

  3. Kevin Linkie
    Kevin Linkie says:

    LOL the things kids say!! I think this is a wonderful new section on your blog. Words are words I think the Sh*t word is not so bad lol.

    Visiting from S.A.S.S

    Kevin 🙂

  4. Katrina Brady
    Katrina Brady says:

    LOL honesty. It’s quite frankly the best thing about kids. They have no idea of the “politics” of life 🙂 SASS

  5. Searching for Happy
    Searching for Happy says:

    Kids truly are hilarious in how they look at things. The honesty can be surprising, but I always find it refreshing.

    It reminds me of when we found that a friend’s son was always happy to see me. It turns out, he loved the fact I had Angry Birds on my phone. A good laugh and a bit of a humbling blow to the ego *grin*

    Thanks for sharing a good laugh for the day!

    (visiting from SASS)

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      My son discovered Angry Birds on my buddy’s phone as well. I had him trained to play the educational games on my phone and he was loving it.

      Now it’s all he talks about, “Daddy can I play birds?”, best $0.99 I ever spent, hahaha!

  6. Little Miss Kate
    Little Miss Kate says:

    I am looking forward to the days when DS is a little older so that we can have those sorts of conversations too. Sounds like you had fun at Disney on Ice, even if it was upstaged by a toy!

  7. Eva | Little Cool Toys
    Eva | Little Cool Toys says:

    That does sound like a rather long show for kids! My son would never be able to sit still for so long (not even with new Incredibles figurines).
    Everyday when I pick up my son from daycare I ask him: what did you do today? and everyday he answers: I can’t remember …


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