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The Greatest Winter Jacket Ever Made!

I don’t do many reviews on the blog anymore, opting for a more humourous editorial style approach, but Dickies Canada recently sent me their Dickies Pro™ Glacier Extreme Puffer jacket to try out and I urgently need to talk about it. I will begin by sharing something completely honest. When I saw the price of the jacket was $79.99 I immediately discounted it as a viable winter option.

Whether it be skating on the outdoor rink, tobagganing or building snow forts, we spend a lot of time outside during the winter, so proper protection from the cold is a must. My new jacket arrived on one of the colder days we’ve had so far this winter so I decided to give it a go on one of our many trips to the tobaggan hill. To be totally transparent here, I brought along my expensive, bulky winter coat just in case the Dickies jacket didn’t do the trick but, spoiler alert, it never left the van and hasn’t been worn since.

Within 15 minutes of getting to the hill I was so warm that I had to unzip my new Dickies puffer jacket to cool off. If I had to describe the feeling, I’d say it was like bringing summer to a winter party. As an active winter outdoorsman, I love how thin the Dickies Pro™ Glacier Extreme Puffer jacket is because it allows me the flexibility to do things like wiping out while surfing on my tobaggan, wiping out on the ice while trying ridiculous deke moves against 8 year olds and wiping out while walking my kids to school when my car doesn’t start because why would it start it’s only -25° outside and everyone wants to walk 20 minutes in that weather… Sorry, this morning was a little rough.

All that to say that while I don’t do reviews anymore, I am in love with my new Dickies Puffer jacket and would highly recommend that you give it a shot before spending $300 on a bulky ski jacket that won’t even keep you as warm as this one. Oh, also, the toque I’m wearing in the above photo is from Dickies Canada as well and is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn on my head since that time my husky decided to share my pillow with me one night 10 years ago.

You can check out all the great products that Dickies Canada has to offer by heading to the Dickies Canada website and browsing their selection. They have everything from vests to jeans and everything you need to feel comfortable during the harsh winter weather. I only have these two items to base my opinion on at the moment but if the rest of their gear is anything like this we are going to have a long and happy relationship!

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but Dickies didn’t ask me to review the jacket, I just loved it so much that I went in that direction. Go buy this jacket, now!*

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  1. Shelley N
    Shelley N says:

    good to know that a less expensive option can work. We always wait until the late summer/fall when they put last year’s winter jackets on sale at sportchek to get something half way reasonable

  2. Debbie S.
    Debbie S. says:

    I know Dickie’s makes great products. Very great post. I will be letting hubby give this a read. Happy Winter and glad you are keeping warm.


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