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Top 15 Things I Miss Out On When I Have The Flu

Nobody likes having the flu. For the past two months I have been encouraging you to head to your local Shoppers Drug Mart to get your flu shot and I will do so again right now. It only takes a couple minutes and could potentially help you fend off this year’s flu virus. In an effort to further convince you to go to Shoppers Drug Mart to get your flu shot, I have made a list of the Top 15 Things I Miss Out On When I Have The Flu. After reading this, I’d like you to consider what you’d miss most if you were to get sick. Enjoy!

1. Snuggling with the kids.
2. Yelling at the kids for accidentally kicking me because they can’t just sit still for 5 seconds while trying to snuggle.
3. Exercise. Although not exercising would help your odds of making the Olympic Couch Surfing team.
4. Food. Nothing tastes good when you are sick so you miss out on family favourites such as Meatball Monday, Taco Tuesday and Pizza Wednesday through Sunday!
5. Kids activities. That megaphone won’t run itself at your son’s hockey games.
6. Work! Haha, just kidding.
7. Jogging…to the fridge during commercials.
8. Sky Diving. What? It could happen…
9. Family activities like apple picking, tobogganing, skating and hardcore wrestling!
10. Playing games, such as Monopoly, with the kids. Actually, on second thought…
11. Re-enacting the last episode of Game of Thrones with my buddies the day after it airs.
12. Crushing the neighbourhood kids in street hockey. Because they need to learn that trophies are earned, not given!
13. Running for Prime Minister. Getting the flu is the only reason I haven’t run for office yet. The ONLY reason.
14. Mascot camp. Stop judging! Like you’ve never wanted to pretend to be a mascot for a week.
15. Taking my middle-aged dads rock band from the garage to the top of the charts!

I’m not sure why anyone would risk missing out on any of these amazing experiences by not simply taking 5 minutes to get their flu shot. To further entice you to pop in to your local Shoppers Drug Mart, I am giving away an amazing gift pack that also includes a $100 Shoppers gift card! Think of all the Kleenex you could buy with that!! Good luck and happy flu shotting!

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Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in this program, which I am taking part in because I believe in the flu shot.

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  1. Amanda m
    Amanda m says:

    I miss feeling like I can accomplish everything. Who has time to just rest and recover with kids these days? I sure don’t!

  2. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    My favourite thing to do as a family is going on a trip or vacation. I love seeing new sights and experiencing new things with the family.

  3. Dianne G.
    Dianne G. says:

    When I get together with my kids and grandchildren we like to watch movies, do crafts or play board games while the children are all awake, Once they are asleep we enjoy playing Settlers of Catan.

  4. Julia H
    Julia H says:

    Go for long walks! There’s a lot to see here in S’toon – parks, the beautiful riverbank, festivals, etc. In summer, we enjoy being out in the park, and in winter we just bundle up and enjoy the snow.

  5. kristen visser
    kristen visser says:

    My favorite thing to do as a family is go to the park, go to the grocery store (yes the grocery store lol) and read books together

  6. Amber Y
    Amber Y says:

    Right now Sunday dinners are my favourite family activity. My sisters come with their kids and my parents are there. Sometimes we play board games with the kids and sometimes we watch tv or movies after dinner.

  7. Shelley N
    Shelley N says:

    Our favourite thing to do as a family is to have a beach day. We bring a cooler with goodies and now that our sons are older we bring along wave boards, frisbees, balls, plus although we are older now we still like building sandcastles.

  8. Jay Nelson
    Jay Nelson says:

    We love to play together. This could be engaging in Just Dance, drawing games, board games or flying kites. I think the key is novelty.

  9. Tammi L.
    Tammi L. says:

    On a regular day it would probably be popping a big bowl of popcorn and watching a movie together or board games. Our absolute favourite thing to do is travel… but who can do that all the time? 😉

  10. Jonnie
    Jonnie says:

    Our favorite thing to do is go skating and sledding. There’s an area just behind the crescent we live on that has an outdoor rink, a skating pathway and a large sledding hill so we love to spend the day there.

  11. Darlene Davis MacLean
    Darlene Davis MacLean says:

    I miss out on spending time with my dog who refuses to climb stairs. She will not climb for me, not for my husband and not even for food. But my cat laps up the attention by lying on top of me, which isn’t so great.

  12. Cairine
    Cairine says:

    Don’t have children at home but i LOVE to go out for dinner. I like to try a new place if I can. Lunch with friends is nice too. I have a food theme going here.

  13. Wanda Tracey
    Wanda Tracey says:

    My favorite thing to do as a family is to go ice fishing and have a contest to see who can catch the first fish.We usually have a prize of $25.00 for the winner to make it fun and interesting.?☀️ 🙂

  14. Christina Ferguson
    Christina Ferguson says:

    My very favorite thing to do as a family is to host a BBQs in the summer. Everyone participates in the panning and the cooking. We all invite friends and family we have been to busy involved in the “day to day” to see. It is always an eclectic bunch and a lot of fun.

  15. Debbie S.
    Debbie S. says:

    My favorite thing to do as a family is camping. well in the winter on not too cold of days, it’s lots of fun to have a bonfire and wiener roast.

  16. Andy Duncan
    Andy Duncan says:

    We lov doing swimming lessons as a family! My daughter is 1.5 years old so it’s a fun thing we can do altogether 🙂

  17. John G
    John G says:

    Glamping! Having all the comforts of home on wheels with you and getting the chance to enjoy nature. Hiking, swimming, campfires, etc!

  18. Catherine Burke
    Catherine Burke says:

    My most favourite thing is to have them all around the table, eating, chatting, making fun of each other – but together.

  19. Elizabeth Vlug
    Elizabeth Vlug says:

    We still love cooking and baking together. Always lots of laughs, good coversation and hopefully something good to eat at the end of it all.

  20. Lynda Cook
    Lynda Cook says:

    We enjoy having fires out in the backyard and cooking and roasting over the fire, and listening to some music, and maybe a game of badminton!

  21. Leandra Gilmour
    Leandra Gilmour says:

    In memory of my oldest daughter…we gather every year for August long weekend at her favourite place…Chilliwack Lake for a massive family camp out…as many as 50 or more sometimes.

  22. Luis
    Luis says:

    The only good thing about having the flu is getting the opportunity to binge watch your shows, but downside is I’m usually to hopped on medicine to remember watching them.

  23. Mark Rutledge
    Mark Rutledge says:

    I miss sleeping in my own bed after my wife sends me to the basement to sleep so I don’t infect the rest of the family!

  24. Tricia Cooper
    Tricia Cooper says:

    Our favourite thing to do as a family is celebrate! We all get together — there’s usually a meal — and we celebrate and get caught up with each other! <3

  25. Allan Cox
    Allan Cox says:

    We’re an outdoor family and love to bike, walks in the park, hike, etc. but if the weather is really bad board games or a movie will do

  26. Tricia Hope
    Tricia Hope says:

    Camping is our all time favorite,but we have bonfires in the winter,too.That is one of the best parts of camping sharing stories around a campfire

  27. stacey dempsey
    stacey dempsey says:

    We love to go out to the movies as a family. There are lots of other things but that is one that everyone always agrees on , although sometimes deciding what movie can sometimes be a bit of a discussion lol

  28. Jenny L.
    Jenny L. says:

    We love to go geocaching! We live in Northern Ontario so there’s a lot of snow but the geocaching community is strong up here and there are lots that are specifically winter accessible. It’s fun, gets us outside and each one is a mini adventure.

  29. Moe Bwell
    Moe Bwell says:

    We enjoy going on day trips, and on weekends we either sit and play video games or have family game night and the board games come out, thanks.

  30. Kimberley Hamilton
    Kimberley Hamilton says:

    My favourite thing to do with the family is eat a huge meal and then watch an old Disney movie. With the older ones we like to play card or board games together too.

  31. sabina Edwards
    sabina Edwards says:

    FOR us its going to the city and having a meal out…. even my son would behave and interact. I sure do miss those times and hope things don’t get as bad as they predict.

  32. Sandy Couzens
    Sandy Couzens says:

    Our favorite thing to do as a family is share time in the backyard with a BBQ, outdoor games, paddling pool and playing with the dog 🙂 Thank you for this Great Giveaway 🙂

  33. Jared Denison
    Jared Denison says:

    I’ve been lucky, in that I have not caught the flu this year. When I do have it, I crash on the couch with soup, flat ginger ale and Netflix.

  34. Erinn Lishman
    Erinn Lishman says:

    My favourite thing to do as a family is go for a walk. My three girls can take their scooters or bikes and my hubs and I walk with our dogs. It’s simple but so enjoyable to get out!


    Love baking, cooking, and simply enjoy life but now that I am sick, still I tried hard to help hut it’s better to isolate your self for the health of the family.I hope this cough, bad throat and flu will go soon.

  36. Betty S
    Betty S says:

    We love to snuggle and spend time together, not being able to do that because I did not take care of myself would be aweful

  37. Sarah Alexis
    Sarah Alexis says:

    My favourite thing is to go on an outing like snow tubing or to bright nights at stanley park. Anything that creates memories!!!!

  38. Jennifer Rector
    Jennifer Rector says:

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!!
    Our favorite thing to do as a family is eating out at a restaurant and catching up on lost time! The perfect thing to do when our loved ones come to visit 🙂
    Fingers crossed 🙂
    Good luck everyone 😉

  39. Eva Mitton-Urban
    Eva Mitton-Urban says:

    A tradition we started when our son was born “Happy Friday”, implemented when he was old enough to understand the concept. EVERY Friday we do something special a late afternoon surprise. It can be BIG or it can be small – hot chocolate with marshmallows/movie/Nintendo game. Getting a little harder as our son is now 13. So this Friday unbeknowst to him – I am treating him to a BP Pizza and shortly thereafter teaching him how to play crib.

  40. Anu Chopra
    Anu Chopra says:

    we love watching movies together and going for biking in the summer and sledding outside in the winter (if there’s snow!)

  41. Micah
    Micah says:

    going out to see movies or going out on a hike to various provincial/national parks! My family and I did a cross-canada tour one summer and it was the best

  42. Wendy Jensen
    Wendy Jensen says:

    My favorite thing to do as a family is everything! Going out for a walk, skiing, camping or just visiting for example.

  43. Tamara M
    Tamara M says:

    We love participating in all kinds of outdoor activities together as a family (and going to the movies)! Thanks very much! 🙂

  44. Sara Lima
    Sara Lima says:

    Actually, I love just snuggling up with my nieces and nephews with a warm cup of tea, and a movie. Otherwise, I do get a very high amount of pleasure watching them wear themselves out on the trampoline, while their mom and I enjoy a nice glass of wine. 🙂

  45. Rosanne Robinson
    Rosanne Robinson says:

    Everything we do with our grandson is fun whether it’s playing cards, board games, going to the park, splash pad, beach and going to his soccer/hockey/t-ball games.

  46. Alana LeSueur
    Alana LeSueur says:

    I would miss out on my husband’s kisses if I had the flu. When I do get the flu, which is not often, it is hard not getting kissed during the day and in the evening. WE are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary next week, so we have managed to not lose sight of each other’s need for each other.

  47. Jennifer P.
    Jennifer P. says:

    My favourite thing to do as a family is travel – we always have the best trips! We put away 10% of all our paycheques into a travel fund, to ensure we get at least 1 family vacation every year. Usually we end up taking 2 or 3 vacations per year. It’s created so many great memories for us as a family.


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