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Don’t Miss Out This Winter!

It’s that time of year again where small germs seem to morph into super germs and spread through people’s homes like wildfire. For those of us lucky enough to have children in school, the flu seems to be an inevitability more than a possibility. So far this flu season I have seen friends cancel Christmas dinner with their families, watched a child get sick in the middle of his hockey game and seen my workplace decimated by people suffering from the flu.

I’m knocking on wood as I write this because to date my family has managed to escape any prolonged bouts of the flu and I’m hoping we manage to keep it that way. One of the ways I am protecting myself was by getting this year’s flu vaccine. It takes almost no time at all and if it offers any extra protection than I don’t see any reason to hesitate in getting it. In fact, you can walk into any Shoppers Drug Mart and get your flu immunization administered by an injection-certified pharmacist, no appointment necessary.

Think about all of the things you miss out on while dealing with the flu. Children’s activities, sick days from work, your own hobbies, good food! A recent Shoppers Drug Mart survey found that 54% of people admit that they are unlikely to get the flu shot this year, while 81% of people believe that washing their hands was the best way to protect against the flu. I covered some of the common myths about flu shots last month, which leaves only a fear of needles as a reason not to get the shot.

I’ll leave you with one last bit of information. Getting the flu shot doesn’t just protect you but it also helps protect those who are more susceptible to complications from getting the flu, such as young children and those aged 65 and over. Think about this, a single sneeze can travel at about 100 miles per hour and send 100,000 germs into the air! Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you have protected yourself as much as possible?

Don’t miss out on the things that are the most important to you this winter. If you’re nervous, you can always stop in to Shoppers Drug Mart for a consultation with a pharmacist before committing to the shot. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016!

Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in this program.

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  1. Rich B
    Rich B says:

    Well said! As a “health care professional” I endorse this 100%! I would add two thoughts. Wash you hands frequently and also if you’re sick-stay home! We don’t want what you have. We have people who show up to visit family in the hospital who are often as sick as the patients they see.


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