GoodLife Fitness Prize Pack

Win a 3 Month GoodLife Fitness Membership & Prize Pack!

To celebrate Heart Month and the fact that I am now officially a member at GoodLife Fitness, I am teaming up with GoodLife to give away a 3 month membership along with the prize pack shown above.

This February, GoodLife Fitness has teamed up with the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre to host the Healthy Heart Challenge to help keep your heart pumping!

Throughout the month, challenge participants will be encouraged to get CardioStrong through:

– daily cardiac stats and trends

– advice from a team of cardiologist and dieticians about preventing heart disease and stroke

– fitness tips and exercise ideas from GoodLife experts

– recipe ideas and nutrition tips to lower your risks

– suggestions for reducing stress and getting better sleep

As you complete the challenges, make sure you share your accomplishments and photos on social media using the #IHeartExercise hashtag. A lot of people won’t admit it but reading their friends journey to healthier lifestyles can be a striog motivator to get healthy themselves.


To get you started on the right foot, I am giving away a GoodLife Prize Pack that includes 1 GoodLife Fitness gym bag, a 3-month GoodLife Fitness membership, 1 branded water bottle and an #IHeartExercise t-shirt (various sizes available). The value of this prize pack is estimated at $250.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your biggest obstacle is on your journey to becoming a healthier you. The giveaway closes Feb 28th and is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. Good Luck and don’t forget to join the Healthy Heart Challenge on Facebook!

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  1. Robyn L
    Robyn L says:

    I have this wheezing/cough/out of breath symtoms that get in the way when I try to walk for any length of time or ride my bike. I get shortness of breath and then have to cough.

  2. Ka C.
    Ka C. says:

    The biggest obstacle I have is that the gym I go to (Community Centre) does not have enough machines. I go to the gym and I have to wait at least 40 minutes before I can use any of the cardio machines.

  3. Darrah Bailey
    Darrah Bailey says:

    My biggest obstacle is just a bust Mom of 2 schedule and I hate to admit but also a tad of laziness? I need some motivation. 🙂

  4. Jennifer M
    Jennifer M says:

    My biggest obstacle is simply myself – my brain. I just need to Do it and stop making excuses. There is a GoodLife within walking distance of my house so maybe this is the push I need.

  5. Angela
    Angela says:

    My biggest obstacle as a mom of 3 who works full time is not so much in finding the time, but making the time. Once I get myself there, I do what I need to do, then leave feeling accomplished. I sleep better, feel better physically and best of all, get that confidence back because I know I’m taking good care if myself. And that’s not just good for me but for my family as well

  6. Sandy T
    Sandy T says:

    To me, the biggest obstacle is staying motivated. It’s all mind over matter. We’re all capable of creating and accomplishing our goals. It’s having the will and perseverance to be motivated enough to stick with the program. Great contest! 🙂

  7. Nell C
    Nell C says:

    My biggest challenge is having the courage to take some me time without feeling guilty of abandoning my family. I’d really love to make this a family habit, but I know it needs to start with me!

  8. Candice Martet
    Candice Martet says:

    First off… Awesome giveaway.
    My issue is low back and i am always afraid to hurt it again. Last tine i hurt my back it was trying to work out. Clearly i need assistance in working out properly.

  9. Emily
    Emily says:

    My biggest obstacle is time. But not really, because I manage to watch netflix or something at least 2-3 times a week. And now that the kids are old enough to be able to fend for themselves for an hour here or there I really have no excuse.

  10. Melissa Finn
    Melissa Finn says:

    Finding the time and the extra cash to join the gym! The 3 month membership would be the motivation I need to get my butt in gear!

  11. Nancy T
    Nancy T says:

    So many things that get in the way!
    I work full time and have 2 girls (5&8). My oldest has Selective Mutism so I can’t leave her with many people due to the overwhelming anxiety she feels in new situations. My hubby works long hours and isn’t often able to watch the girls to go to our local gym.
    There is a Good Life near my work that I could use on my lunch hour or before I pick my daughters up from after school care. This would be perfect to jump start me to taking care of me!

  12. cori
    cori says:

    I am a bad procrastinator – I keep thinking I’ll do it later…..and then I realize a month has passed and still, no progress on my health 🙁

  13. Life of K
    Life of K says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway, Chris!

    The biggest obstacle for me is finding the time to exercise. I need to make it a priority, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  14. Rachel Cartwright
    Rachel Cartwright says:

    My biggest obstacle is the weather – I was doing really well for a while, running and whatnot, but this cold weather and snow is killing me. Gah!

  15. Elizabeth Denny
    Elizabeth Denny says:

    My biggest obstacle is myself and not focusing on my end result. I try to keep myself motivated by thinking “you don’t get healthy by standing still” saying this to myself has made me start moving! #IHeartExercise

  16. Chantal A
    Chantal A says:

    After recently losing 60 lbs I am finding it hard to get over that hump and this plateau I have been sitting at for the last few months. This is exactly what I need to get me moving forward on my weight loss journey and to firm up my body after this momentous loss. Thank you for an amazing giveaway and the opportunity

  17. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I’m entering this for my boyfriend. He’s a really motivated guy, but his biggest obstacle is his torn ACL – because of it he gets pain and instability when he runs or plays certain sports. He hasn’t been exercising because of the pain, not knowing what to do, and just unfamiliarity with local gyms. I know Goodlife has some locations nearby with a pool, and that would be perfect to help rehab and strengthen his knees. I heard Goodlife even has physios that could point him towards exercises he can do. The three month membership would be great to start him on the path to getting better… I know he would love this and would go all the time.

  18. Zahra Premji
    Zahra Premji says:

    The biggest obstacle is personal motivation as well as money. I can keep a fitness routine if I am able to attend group fitness classes that I enjoy, but unfortunately a gym membership is not within my budget this year.

  19. kelly oinonen
    kelly oinonen says:

    Sadly, I could list a bunch of things. Money.. pure laziness.. time. I NEED to get back into my want for a healthy lifestyle… No more being uncomfortable in tanks, swimsuits!

  20. Marianne
    Marianne says:

    My biggest obstacle, is know how to plan better my daily duties. I study full time and work part time, and is so hard for me have time to cook properly healthy. And I need motivation to start doing gym!!!!

  21. Tara J.
    Tara J. says:

    My biggest obstacle is time. I work full time, and with a 2 hour commute + bed time and time with my daughter, it leaves very little time for me. I really want to FIND time though!

  22. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    The biggest obstacle I’m facing is trying to undo a lifetime of bad habits. It’s a lot of work, and the extent of the challenge I’m facing feels daunting, but it’s got to get done.

  23. Lee-Ann
    Lee-Ann says:

    Right now my biggest obstacle is waiting for my knee replacement. I have been waiting since last June and at last update they were thinking this August. Once that sucker is replaced..I’m gold!

  24. Christine M.
    Christine M. says:

    my biggest obstacle, besides me that is, is finding ‘me’ time. We have a treadmill at home that is not being used often enough, but whenever I’m on it one or both kids will come ask for something.

  25. Tiffany Rotulo
    Tiffany Rotulo says:

    My biggest obstacle is baby weight. I had three children less than two years apart and they are all under five. I’ve kept ten pounds with each pregnancy. I’ve tried working out at home but with the little ones around its pretty difficult. Having a gym membership just might be what I need. Leaving the kids with my husband for a few hours so I can focus on my self for once would be great. I’ve already made the switch to eating healthy, now I just need to find the time to get physically active. Great giveaway thanks for the chance.

  26. JaimeeM
    JaimeeM says:

    My biggest struggle is the weather. I cant stand going outdoors for a run when the cold hits. 100 degree weather, thats fine, -20 weather, NOPE! I dont have a treadmill so winter tends to be really stagnant

  27. Lindsay Ball
    Lindsay Ball says:

    Eating habits and motivation. I always grab candy as my first go to for food and have a hard time finding motivation to get moving. I love going to the gym but don’t have the funds to do so as of right now and it’s hard to get myself up and moving when I have to find ways to do it on my own without equipment at home

  28. Luis
    Luis says:

    My biggest obstacle is sugar. I’ve cut my intake a lot but still get the cravings for pop and cookies. And it’s so hard as so many of today’s foods are high in sugar, as well as sodium.
    Oh to have the metabolism of a 20 year old again.

  29. Jay Jeworski
    Jay Jeworski says:

    The biggest obstacle is time and work, but there’s a goodlife a few blocks away and this would be a good chance to try it out.

  30. Brian
    Brian says:

    Setting goals and having the self-discipline to stick with them is always the hardest challenge for me….especially when it comes to exercising.

  31. JDM
    JDM says:

    The biggest obstacle? Convincing myself that not only is it worth it to drop 20 pounds, quit smoking and drink less, but convincing myself that’s it’s easier than it looks. I walk by two locations every day on my way to work. I should be in there, exercising, getting healthier and generally extending my lifespan, but I’m not. So yes, the obstacle is my own inability to recognize what’s right in front of me – health = life, and once I get going, it’ll be easier than I thought.

  32. Vivian Yau
    Vivian Yau says:

    My biggest obstacle is my busy school/work schedule, I always find “excuses” to not work out and just need a little motivation!

  33. Betty S
    Betty S says:

    My biggest obstacle is my own mind. I finish a day at work and the thought of doing exercise just floats out of my head once I eat dinner and hit the couch.
    I am trying to get walking in, but just does not seem to fit

  34. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    My biggest obstacle is my lack of discipline. I would go through periods of exercising regularly followed by periods of inactivity. What I need to do is develop a habit and keep at it.

  35. Melanie D
    Melanie D says:

    Right now, my current obstacle is actually starting the workout. I have zero motivation to work out right now, due to the cold weather. Honestly, every time it hits -10 or colder, I become super lethargic. Up till early December, I worked out around 10x a week, running over 70km a week. Over the past 7 days, I have ran 0km and have not done any sort of workout. UGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Spencer
    Spencer says:

    i know you want to know the biggest obstacle but fear is my biggest issue. The fear that I won’t stay healthy enough to be around for me to watch my daughter get married. Would love this package to get back on the right track.

  37. Linda
    Linda says:

    My asthma has always been an obstacle in allowing me to reach my fitness goals, but I am determined to wean myself off of those puffers one day!


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