Share and Inspire With #GoodNewsMonday – 1st Edition


There is a new feature on the blog this week and it’s one I am very excited about. I ran an impromtu “Good News Friday” thread on Facebook and Twitter last week and it was really inspiring to see everyone sharing their good news for the week. Considering Friday is usually already a good day, I decided to move the “Good News” event to Monday, where more people could usually use a pick me up.

The concept is easy. Every Monday, pop on over here and share your good news stories. I’m sure we’ll start off with a small crew but my hopes are that it will catch on and then we can use this tiny space to inspire each other to chase after all the good things we want in our lives. I know that it has already affected me a great deal and I’m excited to see where this thing goes.

Before we get to the sharing, I’ll kick things off with my good news stories for ther week. First, after living in my house for 4 years, we finally have a beautiful deck for our backyard and my house suddenly feels like a home. Also, I had the opportunity to do my first TV segment as Canadian Dad and the feedback has been overwhelming and extremely humbling, so, thank you. Finally, we spent Saturday afternoon at our community BBQ, where I got to pretend I was a superhero with my son.

Okay, now it’s your turn! Please take a moment to share your Good News stories in the comments section below and let’s get inspired together. If you feel so inclined, take to social media and use the hashtag #GoodNewsMonday to spread the good word!


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  1. Lisa S
    Lisa S says:

    DD1 had her ECG today and all is well!.. Wasn’t something to be overly concerned about, but the appt had been looming for months.. Glad it’s over and she is fine!

    More good news.. Dh and I have a date night scheduled for Thursday night!.. Rare around here! 🙂

    Hope everyone else has a good week!

  2. ashley
    ashley says:

    we finally had our windows/doors replaced. It is such a huge thing off our shoulders now (constantly thinking about it needing to be done, and saving the money to do it)

  3. ivy pluchinsky
    ivy pluchinsky says:

    I got to spend the weekend fishing, enjoying the sunshine! And today I got to spend time with my niece!


  4. Postively Pampered Patty
    Postively Pampered Patty says:

    Well it’s Tuesday but I wanted to share the great news. Someone I love very much had a second run in with thyroid cancer, she has just found out after her treatment the second time around it’s gone. Cancer free is good news no matter what day of the week it is.


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