A Star In The Making

“It goes by so fast”. Ask any parent something they wish they’d known before having kids and that quote will be in there every single time. It sounds cliché but it’s so very true. One minute you’re teaching them to skate and the next they are skating circles around you. My daughter is no exception to this rule. To put it bluntly, she’s amazing. Every new task she takes on she does it to the fullest of her ability. Can’t do a cartwheel at gymnastics? She’ll do 500 cartwheels in one week until she masters it. In the last two weeks her coaches in gymnastics, dance and figure skating have all come to us to say that our daughter should be in their competitive programs.

While my first reaction to this news was an indescribable sense of pride, the next was one of worry because even forgetting the costs of these programs, there is not enough time in the week for her to possibly compete in multiple competitive sports. I also struggle with the fact that at 6 years old, how much do we really want to put on her plate? When asked what she wanted to do our daughter didn’t hesitate as she made figure skating her top choice. Coming from a life of team sports, this is a whole new adventure for me. Private coaches, booking ice time and not being able to volunteer are all things I will have to get used to but I can’t wait to watch my little girl grow into a beautiful skater and I can guarantee tears the first time I see her doing a routine.

We had the chance to take our daughter to see the Investors Group Stars On Ice show this weekend so she could see what the payoff could be for all the hard work she’s about to put in. While we couldn’t get too many pictures due to the dark lighting during the show, I can assure you that she was dazzled by the skaters and especially the jumps! She may not know who Elvis Stojko, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir or Joannie Rochette are but they definitely captured her attention and made her want to skate even more.

For my wife, who was also a figure skater as a child, having the opportunity to see Kurt Browning skate live for the first time was a dream come true. She posted a short video of Kurt’s performance on Facebook mentioning how exciting it was to watch him skate, and then got a message from a friend who was currently sitting next to Kurt on a plane heading out of Ottawa. The friend said that Kurt had just watched her whole video because it was a new routine and he’d never seen himself doing it yet. Then he shared this picture…

Kurt Browning

Kurt Browning giving my wife a thumbs up!

Needless to say, my wife hasn’t been this excited since the time Jann Arden called her on her birthday. It was a perfect way to cap off an amazing Stars On Ice show! After seeing the smiles on my two favourite ladies faces after the show it is impossible for me to not recommend that you check it out with your family. It is especially great if you have young figure skaters in your house. For more information on upcoming shows and tickets you can check out the Stars On Ice website. Oh, and Kurt, if you ever want to talk fatherhood, I’d be happy to conduct that interview (insert winky face here). I promise not to let my wife hijack the call…

About Investors Group Stars On Ice

Founded in 1986 by skating icon and Olympic Gold Medallist Scott Hamilton, the Stars on Ice Tour originated in the United States. In 1991, Stars on Ice began to tour Canada and has now played nearly 300 shows in the past 25 years. Past tour performers include Kurt Browning, Jamie Salé & David Pelletier, Kristi Yamaguchi and Elvis Stojko. Investors Group Stars on Ice presented by Lindt is produced by IMG, the global leader in sports, fashion and media. For more information about the tour, visit www.starsonice.ca. Keep in touch with Investors Group Stars on Ice presented by Lindt on Facebook: www.facebook.com/starsonice Instagram: www.instagram.com/starsonice, and on Twitter: twitter.com/starsonice.

Disclosure: My family was provided tickets to this event.

Mothers Day Mom

Best Gifts For Mother’s Day {Plus, Win A $100 Best Buy Card!}

It’s that time of year again where we husbands and children get a chance to celebrate the special mothers in our lives. That’s not to say we don’t celebrate them all year round but it’s so much fun taking the kids out to the store to pick out something special for mommy. This year our kids have decided that they have such a great mommy that they want to spend their own money to but a special gift for her. They have been saving up their allowance money for the last couple months and with a little help from daddy’s wallet have picked out something from Best Buy that we think mommy will really love.

We can’t reveal to you what we ended up buying for her but I am going to share some of the other items from Best Buy that ended up on our short list. Did I also buy something for myself for Mother’s Day? Perhaps, but nobody needs to know about that… Alright, here are a few of the items from Best Buy that the kids and I had to ponder. As we do, we started looking online and then narrowed down our choices before heading to the store. We’ll do the big reveal on Mother’s Day after mommy opens her gift!

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Anyone who has tried out a Fitbit and competed against their friends knows how addicting it can be to try to one up each other. As each new Fitbit is released they look more like accessories and less like giant wrist bands. Pro-tip: A lot of people prefer wearing them on their ankles as opposed to their writs, so consider going for the larger band when you purchase.

You can check out all the Fitbit models at Best Buy by clicking here!!

Kobo Glo HD Digital eBook Reader

Kobo Glo HD 6″ Digital eBook Reader with Touchscreen

If you have yet to experience the joys of eReading I highly recommend that you try it out. 4 million books at your fingertips can never be a bad thing, right? Also, think of all the free space on your bookshelves for your kids to put their toys all over…

Check out the Kobo Glo HD 6″ Digital eBook Reader with Touchscreen for yourself!

Gaiam Yoga Essentials Bundle Gaiam Yoga Essentials Bundle

Although I have never personally attempted yoga, my wife has taken a liking to it but was lacking in proper equipment. This looks like the perfect starter kit for anyone looking to dip their toes in the yoga waters. I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not sure I could handle the pain that would follow yoga classes…

Here is the link for more information on the Gaiam Yoga Essentials Bundle!
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Android Tablet

As any good parenting manual will tell you, letting your kids play with your tablets, smartphones and computers is an excellent way to get 5 minutes of peace and quiet. Unfortunately what that means is there are plenty of times when these devices are not available to us as parents. That’s why we recently decided that the kids were ready to inherit our old tablets which means we get to shop for new ones!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 pairs nicely with the Galaxy S7 phones we just bought, too!!
Marathon LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Station

Marathon LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Station

One of my biggest complaints as an android device owner is the fact that there aren’t very many good options for nighttime docking whereas iPhone users have all kinds of cool devices. As soon as I saw this clock with charging station I ordered it from Best Buy online. No, this isn’t our Mother’s Day gift. I was a Mother’s Day for me. Dad.

Here are more details on the Marathon LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Station.
Classic 10K Gold Heart Pendant & Earrings Set

Classic 10K Gold Heart Pendant & Earrings Set

What is it about kids and gift buying that for moms they instinctively want to buy them jewelry and for dads they go to the tie section? In any case, as soon as the kids saw this heart pendant and earring set, they both looked at each with excitement. Again, not what we went with but it is definitely in our saved folder for future gift purchasing!

If your wife or mother loves bling, maybe the Classic 10K Gold Heart Pendant & Earrings Set is for you!


To help you on your way to the best Mother’s Day ever I am giving away a $100 Best Buy gift card and will announce the winner on Mother’s Day! Just fill out as many of the Rafflecopter options below as you’d like and you’re in! Giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec and will be emailed to the winner once confirmed. Good Luck!!

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Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in the #BestMomBestBuy program.

Pizza Hut GPS Tracker

Introducing The Pizza Hut LIVE Nav GPS Tracker! {And Win $100 Gift Card}

So you’ve ordered your pizza and now the waiting game begins. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell your guests, kids and stomach exactly when they can expect the pizza to arrive? Well, you’re in luck because Pizza Hut Canada just became the first pizza brand to introduce GPS tracking in Canada! The new Pizza Hut LIVE Nav is now available in select Ottawa restaurants and will roll out to additional locations in Canada this year. I could drone on about about it but this video does a way better job of explaining it than I could. Check it out!!

Yeah, I know. Awesome, right?! How easy are these steps?

1. Place your order online using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.
2. Track it through a personalized link, step-by-step, from when the pizza is popped in the oven to when it’s on the road to its final destination.
3. Follow the driver as they’re en-route from the restaurant to your address.
4. Eat delicious Pizza Hut pizza!

Win A $100 Pizza Hut Gift Card!

As a way to let you test out the new Pizza Hut LIVE Nav system, I am giving away a $100 Pizza Hut gift card to one lucky reader! All you have to do is complete as many of the Rafflecopter entries as you feel comfortable with and I’ll notify the winner at the end of the contest! Good Luck and Happy Eating!!

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Canadian Tire WOW Guide

Prepare to be WOWed! {Plus, Win a $200 Canadian Tire Gift Card}

Remember the joy of grabbing a coffee, kicking back and flipping through your favourite store’s catalogue? Those days seem to have been replaced by the digital age, with most companies opting to focus more on online content and less on printed materials. I thought I was transitioning well to this change until I received Canadian Tire’s WOW Guide in the mail earlier this week.

Now I find myself taking on the role of the traditional male and carrying this folded catalogue around with me in my back pocket as if it were Marty McFly’s Almanac, so I can take breaks to look at power tools, yard equipment and baseball gear any time I want. Sometimes even, to my wife’s dismay, with a small grunt.

On top of that, with two birthdays in the coming weeks, both of my children were able to easily flip through the WOW Guide and circle some things they would like to receive. Everybody wins!

Canadian Tire WOW Guide Kids

What is the WOW Guide, you ask?

Being delivered to over 12 million homes, the WOW Guide is full of thousands of products, countless ideas, and pages of inspiration that will help you make the most of spring and summer 2016. The guide covers everything from everything from lawn and garden and home décor to power tools and tires.

There is great news for you techie types as well, as you can use the Canadian Tire app to hover over the products you love in the WOW Guide to unlock dynamic digital extras like videos, how-to’s and DIYs. Simply Download the free Canadian Tire app and Hover your phone over the digital extras sections to Discover videos, deals and more; be sure to look for your WOW Guide on your doorstep this week and visit canadiantire.ca/wow.

Win A $200 Canadian Tire Gift Card!

Ummm, Chris, I believe you mentioned something about a gift card??? That’s right, to celebrate the launch of the WOW Guide, Canadian Tire has given me a $200 gift card for me to pass along to one of you. All you have to do is complete as many of the Rafflecopter entries as you feel comfortable with and I’ll notify the winner at the end of the contest!

Good Luck and don’t forget to Download the free Canadian Tire app, Hover your phone over the product you like the guide and Discover more of what you love at Canadian Tire!

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Daredevil Netflix

Netflix For Dads ~ Daredevil Edition

There hasn’t been a show since Lost that has captured my attention as much as Netflix’s Daredevil series. I’ll preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of the superhero genre and watch all the various shows that have spawned recently. That said, there’s a huge difference between the shows on regular cable and the shows that Netflix produces and Daredevil has quickly become my favourite of that bunch.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the acting and story lines that season 1 of Daredevil offered, I have to say that the addition of The Punisher to season 2 really brought the show to a new level. Every scene that Frank Castle appeared in was so full of raw emotion and energy that I often found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to see what he was going to do next.

Keeping in mind that this is my favourite show at the moment, I did find the season as a whole was lacking something. The story wasn’t as interesting as it was with Wilson Fisk in season 1 and there were way too many fight scenes for my liking but the development and emotion of the main characters more than made up for any short comings in my mind. Also, bringing Fisk back for a couple episodes and setting up his potential return as Kingpin for season 3 literally had me smiling from ear to ear like a child.

Have you watched Daredevil yet? How did you feel about season 2?

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team but all that means is that I watch a lot of Netflix. Too much Netflix, actually…

Harlem Globetrotters

Win A Family 4 Pack To See The Harlem Globetrotters! {Ottawa}

Anyone who’s been reading this blog long enough knows that my family has built a special bond with the Harlem Globetrotters. From playing Candy Land with them to having Zeus come to our house to shoot around with the neighbourhood kids, we love everything about the Globetrotters and the live show is the best!

Well, the world famous Harlem Globetrotters, who are celebrating 90 years of providing smiles, sportsmanship and service to millions of people worldwide, are bringing their unrivaled family show back to Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre on Sunday, April 10, at 3 p.m. and we hope you can join us for the show!

Special Promo Code just for you!

Click here and refer to promo code FAMFUN or visit the Canadian Tire Centre box office to save 25%^ on tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters on Sunday, April 10.

Tickets start as low as $16 for this one-of-a-kind show that continues to thrill fans of all ages. To purchase courtside or VIP seats, please visit www.CapitalTickets.ca, call 613-599-FANS (3267) or visit the Canadian Tire Centre box office.

^This offer is not valid for courtside or VIP seats.

Win Your Way To The Show!

As mentioned above, I am giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to the show, which takes place April 10th at 3pm at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below letting me know who you will bring to the show! I will draw a winner at 5pm on April 6th. Good luck!

I’ll leave you with a video of the time I challenged Buckets Blakes to a duel, and paid the price for it…

Congrats to our winner, Angelo M!

SAHD Guest Post

Best Vacation Ever! {Guest Post}

We have another guest post on the blog today! Please welcome Canadian father, Ingus, who is Toronto-area photographer and new dad, learning the fine art of parenting a new baby girl. You can read about his wacky adventures at Dad Mode On blog!


“So you’re going to be off for five months, eh? You’ll have plenty of time to catch up on Netflix!”
“Five months? You’re going to be playing so much Call of Duty!”
“That’s a long time, won’t you get bored?”

Before going on my parental leave, that was the typical response I received when I told family, friends, co-workers, or even strangers that I was taking close to half a year off for the birth of our daughter.

I began to think that being a dad for the first time was going to be a sweet vacation. I mean, I won’t have to be with the baby all the time, right?

I can binge watch a little, work on that photography project that I wanted to do for years, or play videogames like I did when I was a teenager.

This is going to be an awesome, awesome vacation!

Then on Christmas night- as cliché as it can be – our 7lbs 14oz bundle of joy arrived.

And in an instant, all of those silly thoughts disappeared.

I’m sure many of you parents can agree, the first month is a write-off. Your mind, body, and soul belongs to your new little blob. You can also agree that, though the first month is difficult for dad, it is 100 times more difficult for the new mom.

For my wife and I, we made use of the fact that I was going to be off for five months by ensuring that I would be as involved as possible.

We made sure that I was earning every single moment of this vacation.

The truth is, though my job and Employment Insurance (Go Canada!) allowed me to take more time than most others, we are still taking a hit financially to make it work. Not all families have this option, and I can understand the raised eyebrows when people learn how much time I’m taking off.

Of course, there are those who go a little further and undermine the decision that I’ve made, as they are perhaps even little jealous of my situation. Through their eyes, they see me as some lucky dude who has the luxury of taking five months off as a vacation.


They don’t understand that when you’re off on parental leave, it’s not a vacation and that you also become more involved and accountable for your growing family unit. They don’t see the side where you are immediately available to take your wife and baby to the Emergency Room; or where you are able to call an ambulance in the middle of the night without having to tell your boss you won’t be in; or where you don’t have to ask a co-worker to cover for you after speaking to a telehealth nurse about your daughter’s fever.

They don’t see those things, and I suppose it may be my fault for only showing the good side. To them they only see the fruits of the work I put in – you know, those silly photos, status updates that I post on social media. The thing is this was not me bragging about my situation, this was just me relishing the hard earned vacation I was having.

SAHD Guest Post 2

I love (and am loving) every minute of it. If we have another kid and if it were financially feasible, I will no doubt choose to take the same or more time off.

You see, there’s also an added benefit to being there from the get-go: I am damn confident in my dad abilities.

She needs a changing after front and back poop… in the dark? Boom. Done.
She’s wearing button-on shirt today, with jeans and socks? Boom. Done.
She won’t burp? Burp. Done.
Mom needs to go out all day to help a friend? Done, and I’ll have dinner ready by six.

There’s no better feeling than to feel confident and competent as a father and husband. I sincerely feel that had I taken only a few weeks off, I don’t think I would feel the way that I feel right now.

Every day I am rewarded with something new from my daughter. Whether it was her first smile, first laugh, or most recently her first babbling conversation: I’m here to witness it.

And there’s no better thing in the world, and it was simply the best decision I ever made.

Now with two months left to go on my parental leave, it truly does feel like a vacation. Instead of binge-watching Netflix, I binge-watch my daughter figuring out the world. Instead of playing video games at night, I play how do we get her to sleep through the night.

I truly do not want it to end, as it really has become an awesome, awesome vacation.

SAHD Guest Post 3

Dental Dread Infographic

Would You Rather? Dentist’s Needle Edition

Having now shared two dental dread stories already, I decided to turn the tables on my readers and ask them what things they would rather do than get a freezing needle from their dentist. I kicked it off by saying that I’d rather change 100 dirty diapers than get another needle in my mouth and then the answers started pouring in. Some I couldn’t use for family friendly reasons (shout out to the guys in the Heathcliffe Cup hockey pool), and other answers were surprisingly in support of getting the needle.

So, without further ado, let’s find out what my readers had to say about having needles poking around in the gums!

“I’d rather pluck out leg hairs one by one” ~ Julia from Just Me, Julia

“I’d rather listen to Nickelback” ~ Daniel from Post Post Modern Dad

“I’d rather wear a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey than…. No I’ll take the freezing needle.” ~ Justin from Life in 140

“Honestly don’t mind the needle! Is that weird?” ~ Karma Brown, author of Come Away With Me (PS – Yes, it’s weird)

“I’d rather change my phone number… (which I have) to avoid my dentist altogether” ~ Jen from Ninja Mommers

“I’d rather get my vasectomy for a second time as my vasectomy was a walk in the park compared to visiting the dentist.” ~ Jay from Inked Up Dad … (Yikes!)

“Clean poop off the floor when my 5 year old decides she doesn’t want to use the toilet” ~ Angele from Domestique Manager

“I’d rather get a nipple ring than get a freezing needle from a dentist.” ~ Devan (Ouch, bro!)

“Spend 5 months creating, then rewriting then scaling back then adding then rethinking then reskinning then restarting then repositioning then reediting then resubmitting then recreating again…a deck presentation.” ~ Pamela S.

“I’d rather listen to every Mini Pops CD loudly while drinking Kale and Dandelion smoothies in a room full of cigar smoking climate deniers and Fox News on a 4K TV showing 24 hr Donald Trump stump speeches and reruns of the Apprentice.” ~ Eric from Enviro Dad

“I would rather listen to a room full of grade three students play recorder” ~ Maureen

“I’d rather babysit my neighbour’s kids pet snake.” ~ David

“Get a vasectomy from a blind surgeon…” ~ Jason from One Good Dad (There’s that V word again!)

“I’d rather read the Canadian Dad blog than get a needle. Nothing more painful than that.” ~ Ouch, Mike! That cuts deep!

Hard to disagree with any of these, except maybe the people who said they enjoyed the needle… And, of course, hockey pool Mike! Sadly, the freezing needle is a reality for most patients who require extra dental work and while you can’t replace the needle, it is nice to know that you don’t have to deal with the extended effects of the freezing anymore. There are options available that reverse the unwanted lingering numbness after routine dental procedures where local anesthetic was used so that you can get back to your day to day activities faster than ever before!

Check out this promo video from Septodont and see if you can recognize any of the symptoms of that lingering numbness. Thanks to everyone for your answers and for everyone else, please feel free to leave your own “What Would You Rather Do” answer in the comments!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Jason McNaught Guest Post Canadian Dad

From Zombie to Post-Op {Guest Post}

We have another guest post on the blog today! Please welcome Canadian father, Jason McNaught, who is a father to a three-year-old ninja-in-training, and loves every minute of it. In May, he will publish the first issue of The New Hip, an Ottawa-based lifestyle magazine for older adults. TheNewHip.com


My wife and I knew something was wrong from the beginning. Tate hardly ever slept. He would wake up screaming almost every hour. I’d be at wit’s end, bouncing him on a ball, singing whatever came into my head (lots of times it was Amazing Grace for some reason). Nothing ever seemed to work, except for lying on his Mom’s chest when she was propped up by a couple of pillows.

We took some heat from those close to us about him always sleeping in our bed. After a few months, we got rid of the crib because we never used it.

It was a fluke, after a year of living life in a zombie-like haze, we discovered there actually was something wrong with Tate. My wife went to feed him in front of the doctor, and as soon as he got a mouthful of nipple he started to grunt like a suckling piglet. Turns out, he was struggling to breathe, not being cute.

When the doctor heard the noise, her eyebrow raised and she asked to look inside his mouth. “That’s not normal,” she said flatly.

Her diagnosis was quick, primarily because when she tried to look down Tate’s throat, her light didn’t travel very far. His tonsils were the size of a grown man’s … even when he wasn’t trying to feed, he was struggling to breathe.

An MRI, scheduled shortly after, confirmed what the doctor had suspected: Tate had sleep apnea. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just his tonsils that were causing problems. His adenoids were also abnormally large, and his nasal passages were narrower than normal.

The MRI was something else. Seeing your baby shoved into a clear plastic tube to keep him from moving, screaming bloody murder, struggling with all his might to free himself, not even remotely understanding why he was trapped there, why his parents weren’t responding to his cries for help … and then … being gently shoved into a larger tube, away from his parents, to the sound of strange, intermittent whirring.

Watching that is torture. At least, for my wife it was. I wasn’t there. It caught her off-guard. My wife and I both had MRIs before, and we knew it was painless. But then again, we’d never considered that, for Tate, it might be our equivalent of being abducted by aliens.

For those who aren’t sure what sleep apnea is, I really didn’t know a lot about it either. In fact, the extent of my knowledge was that it affected people who were obese and they commonly wore very uncomfortable masks to sleep. Formally, the Mayo Clinic defines Sleep Apnea as “a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.”

I had no idea babies could have sleep apnea, and that was part of the reason it took us sooo long to get help. Just think about what happens when you tell another parent that your baby isn’t getting a lot of sleep at night. “Oh, yeah. I’ve been there,” is what you’ll get in response to that. You’ll never hear: “Your child isn’t sleeping at night? You need to take them to the hospital and get them checked out.”

It’s uncomfortable to think that, every time we put Tate onto his back after falling asleep in our arms, we were unknowingly allowing him to be choked by his own body. But that’s exactly what was happening. As soon as he’d relax, his tonsils and adenoids (a mass of soft tissue behind the nasal cavity) would close up his windpipe and he’d stop breathing. That was why he kept waking up screaming.

Fixing Tate’s sleep apnea was relatively straightforward, but not as fast as we had hoped. Even before seeing an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, we could have guessed that Tate would need surgery to remove his adenoids and tonsils, but the bad news was that, because he was so young, they couldn’t remove them both at once. The risk of swelling and other complications was too high.

Between the first surgery to remove his adenoids removed, and the second surgery to remove his tonsils, we waited approximately a year. During that time, Tate’s breathing — although it showed initial improvement with the removal of his tonsils — became progressively worse.

A few months before the removal of his tonsils, we were back at the doctor again. A quick examination revealed that were blocking 70% of his airway. Although we had moved him into his own bed at that point (at least, he started the night there), we would lie awake and listen to him subconsciously fight to get air. It was noisy … and frightening.

After Tate’s second surgery, his life improved dramatically. Without sleep, parts of his development had been slow. His hair was thin, he hadn’t been able to gain weight, and his eyes had permanent dark circles, almost like a raccoon’s. Tate had been known secretly among our family as “Rage Baby”. My wife was often the only person that could console him. He spent parts of the day absolutely hysterical — crying and screaming for no apparent reason.

Three weeks after the removal of his tonsils, his hair began to grow thicker, he put on a little weight, and finally … he started to sleep through most of the night, and those dark circles faded away. His rage also subsided, although not completely. Perhaps our son was born a bit of a curmudgeon. We’re still figuring that one out.

The best lesson I can teach about this experience is to trust your instincts as a parent. Our doctor told us that, had we been absolutely steadfast in our resolve to have him sleep in his crib, on his back, there was a chance that he might have stopped breathing … and not woken up.

Fortunately, my wife resisted the gentle prodding from friends and family to let him “cry it out” in that crib, and instead stuck to the only thing she found to work: propping herself up on a few pillows and putting Tate on her chest. That decision, said our doctor, was the one thing that might have saved his life. The sound of her slow, steady breath triggered his brain to breathe too, and that semi-upright position kept his airway open.

Finally, if you get the feeling that something with your child just isn’t right, even if it is as common as not sleeping, make an appointment with your doctor and talk to them. Put aside the feelings about wasting their time, because you are not a healthcare expert. If you think something is wrong with your child, let a doctor make the final call. Better you think you’re crazy than to find out you weren’t after the fact.

Father Son Hockey

You’re Already A Good Dad

Life can get pretty repetitive, can’t it? Work, school, ballet, hockey, sleep, repeat. Entire weeks can go by without anything significant happening and I’ve made my peace with that as we can’t be all spontaneity all the time. Every now and then, however, something sneaks up on you and kicks you right upside the head. Such was the case this Monday as I drove my 7 year old son to power skating, as we have done every Monday for the past 3 months.

If you had told me that I was going to get misty eyed while driving to power skating on this day I would have probably laughed, given you an “okay, then” and rushed out the door with my son, you know, because we are literally always late somehow. My son has been more and more interested in hearing about my father lately and never seems to run out of questions about him. I have written about my father before for those who are new here but he passed away a few years ago on the same day that we found out we were pregnant with my son.

While he usually wants to know about my father as a coach and other sports related stories, on this day he shifted his focus to me and was curious about how I dealt with his passing. I know, heavy for a 7 year old, right? That was my initial thought as well but I always jump at the chance to both talk about my dad and bond with my son, so I happily answered his questions.

He asked if I was sad when my father died and how it all happened, which were easy answers. Then he asked me if I missed him and I froze a bit, not sure how much to get into it. I told him that I missed my dad everyday and explained that I was sad that he never got to meet my son and his sister, but mostly I missed him because I didn’t get to have him around to teach me how to do technical things like change a tire, or help me with coaching or help me learn to be a good dad. This conversation alone could have been enough to cause my emotions to go haywire but I held it together, until my son hit me with…

“But, you’re already a good dad.”

I’m guessing he didn’t realize how powerful it was to hear those words after the conversation we had just finished. I thanked him as I discreetly wiped a happy tear from eye and saw him light up knowing that he had made his dad smile. We sat in comfortable silence the rest of the way to hockey, both proud of our achievements for the day.