Lily and Snowman

Cineplex Wants You To ‘See The Big Picture’

Cineplex Entertainment today announced the launch of a new integrated brand platform that asks Canadians to ‘See The Big Picture’ and rediscover the importance of entertainment in their lives. Much more than a new slogan, the strategy was crafted around the insight that Canadians wear their busy schedules like badges of honour and that the need for entertainment and enjoyment is important now more than ever before.

To help launch the new strategy, Cineplex released a new animated short film entitled Lily and the Snowman, which gave me goosebumps not only as a father but also as a son and husband. The story follows Lily and her animated snowman through childhood but also shows what happens as we get older and life tends to get in the way of fun. This is the first of many short films Cineplex is planning on launching but if Lily and the Snowman is any indication, I can’t wait to see what’s next! I’ll let you be the judge of Lily and the Snowman but I will warn you that you may want to get a tissue handy…

Lily & the Snowman

Lily & the Snowman features Genesis’ “Follow You Follow Me” performed by Canadian singer Adaline. Watch the Making Of video: Every winter, a magical snowman puts on a show for a little girl. But over time, life pulls them apart. Will she remember to take the time for what she loved?

I told you it was powerful so don’t blame me because you didn’t get tissues! Recognize that song? It was a new take on Genesis’ ‘Follow you’, which will be available for purchase in January 2016. Lily and the Snowman will be promoted across Cineplex’s social channels as well as shown to guests as part of the December and January Pre-Shows featured at 162 theatres across Canada.

Canadians are encouraged to engage and share over social media using the hashtag #SeeTheBigPicture, as well on Cineplex’s Facebook, Twitter @CineplexMovies or Instagram @CineplexMovies channels.

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